It’s always the same. As soon as you have chosen your favorite racket, you equip yourself – as it should be for a real tennis player – with the right strings, grips and of course a suitable tennis bag (>> Tennis Warehouse Europe). Once you have everything at home, your favorite brand is about to launch your new racket in a special edition. And now? Time to make decisions.

“What was impossible years ago is standard today. Within a racket brand, everyone finds his model – if you love the design  ?.”

Wilson Ultra Bold or Tour?

Since exactly 18 months I am a convinced Wilson Ultra Tour player. The touch, the design and above all the handling in all different match situations is absolutely perfect for me. In particilular the blue design that matches perfect to my home club MTTC Iphitos Munich ?


But I am open minded for every new racket edition, so I decided to to test the new Wilson Ultra 100 Bold (special “zebra” edition) during the @orthomol_sport blogger event (>> latest article “Ready To Perform”)

But in regular intervals Wilson is going to launch new models (such as the CLASH) or a special edition of an already existing model series.

“The WILSON ULTRA BOLD stands out for its zebra design and is focused on power, creativity and hidden ingenuity.

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Neither now – shortly before the season – nor during the season, there is no perfect moment to switch on a new racket. You have to be fast in your decisions because we all don’t know the plans of Wilson for the upcoming US Open in septembre. May a new racket – who knows 😉


Basically, the Wilson Ultra Tour and Wilson Ultra 100 are two completely different racquets.

“I would love to have the zebra look/design on my Wilson Ultra Tour. I have the feeling that I play better with a thinner and stiffer frame to handle the racket in the best way.”

I am #inlovewithmyUltratTour 😉



#BackOnClay with my Wilson Ultra Tour