Fighting two days on court, recovering two days off court and having the best time with the best team in Stuttgart – meeting inspiring people, talking about the next tennis innovations in social media and getting coached by a former top 50 ATP player. More “In Love With Tennis” is not possible.

“The last 24 hours couldn’t have been better. Pre-Match preparation, on court perfomance and after match recovery. Thanks to @orthomol_sport. It was like a class trip und hopefully not the last one ;)”

In the next days I will inform you about several insights from the last days, but first of all I would like to say THANK YOU to all “tennis crazy guys” from Stuttgart. Everybody of these guys has a indiviudal story, loves this sport so much and is on a passion to inspire people to have the best time on court. I will introduce you to every single person in the next days (>> on of us).

But first get inspired by …






@yanusik_97_ & @tayuschka






I am #inlovewiththisteam