After having finished my trainingssession and I am on my way home. But where is my car key? Somewhere in my bag?

“No matter if car keys, mobile phones, sunglases or grips. I have everything available in seconds in my match bag.”

Love:40 X BIDI BADU “Match Bag”

The solution for all tennis fans has been brought to market by a young company from Hamburg – and even in a sustainable way. LOVE:40 produces bags in various combinations from old windscreens.

“Sustainability is one of the main topics in sports today, but in tennis there is a lot of pent-up demand,” says LOVE:40 founder Lara Kinzel. With her great passion for tennis and attention to details she has been producing bags, key rings and much more from the recycled material for fans, tournaments and associations for several years.

Match-Bag for tennis fans

The latest product has now come onto the market in a very limited edition. The “Match-Bag” is a big eye-catcher, consisting of grey cover material, classic imitation leather, interior materials made of sorted, soft BIDI BADU textiles and the unmistakable logos of both brands. This makes the products authentic, comfortable to wear and unique in appearance.

“We always want to offer our customers something special. Under the slogan “Windscreens never looked more sexy” we continue our young, fresh and stylish vibes in the accessories as well”, says Christian Korte (Head of Marketing at BIDI BADU).

…also offcourt

Small but nice. That is for me the hallmark of the LOVE:40 products. I do find my car keys faster and I have everything within easy reach after seconds – on court and on vaction at the beach 😉

BIDI BADU X LOVE:40 – a perfect match for me.

I am #inlovewithtMyMatchBag