We may be in the middle of it, but there will be a time after Corona. And we should focus on that. One day we are back. One day we are back on court.

I have known my friend Marcel (>>@marcelstiehltennis) for many years. He’s not only a coach at a big club in Stuttgart, but also looks after the young players of Wilson in Germany.

Three tips to get back on court

1) Running is not everything

Jogging was great to keep you fit, your basic endurance is certainly better than ever. I think everybody of us has that as a post corona effect 😉 But: Tennis is a multidirectional sport. This means that you have to be able to move forwards, backwards, sideways and diagonally. So it is time to shift your centre of gravity. Mix running with special athletic workouts. >> Shop your Running Stuff on runningwarehouse.eu

2) String your racket

Luxilon Elements vs. Luxilon Alu Power RG Edition

Your racket certainly suffered psychologically from the fact that you put it in the corner for the last few weeks. Reward your racket with a new stringing! But also think about new shoes and even your old balls from the winter should be replaced. >> Shop your Tennis Stuff on tenniswarehouse-europe

3) Think about a hitting partner – now!

@0711_tennis vs. @marcelstiehltennis

Jogging is great to focus on yourself. How nice that we are now allowed to maintain social contacts again. Make a date with your favourite tennis partners right away and find a fixed training date, at least once a week according to the motto: same time, same place. Different match. And if the courts are overcrowded: just invite two more players to a doubles match – we are all in this together.

Remember last year – your matches, your teammates – and think about this year. Stay positive and think about the time when we are back on clay.

We are #inlovewithtennis

Thank your Marcel


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