You get the chance to win a racket !After a little earthquake around Roger’s new apparels last week (switching from a long term partnership with Nike), Roger is doing better from round to round and is getting more and more into the grass mode. But honestly, I don’t feel familiar with his decision and it takes time to get used to his new look on- and off-court. To me it seems that he doesn’t care about his new look and is 100% focused on achieving his ninth title in Wimbledon.

The world No.1 “plays out his heart” and is in love with his new racket. Two weeks ago Wilson launched a new version of his Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, changed some individual details but came up with a very fresh and new black and white design.

By answering the following question, you get the chance to win

  • 1x brand new Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph racket

  • 1x “Eat, Drink, Tennis, Repeat” Coffee Cup by In Love With Tennis

  • 1x 12m Luxilon Alu Power

 How many Grand Slam Titles did Roger Federer win?

Please send your answer per E-Mail to or leave a comment at our latest Instagram posting 😉 #GoodLuck

I am #inlovewithTennis and will be on court for a special Pro Staff Review later this week. Get inspired by Roger’s new racket #PlayYourHeartOut


*Deadline will be July, 30. Winners will be informed via E-Mail.


Photo: Hasenkopf
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>> Shop The Racket <<

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