It was just a normal Saturday afternoon in Munich – for not all of us tennis players. Planned at short notice – spontaneous and exciting. It was a happing with different kind of people in a very special setup somewhere in the underground of Munich.

“It was unique and naturally whets the appetite for more. The setup was terrific and we definitely need more of these events in tennis.”


Only 24 hours time to find a court in an underground parking garage around Munich. No problem for the guys from World Club Tennis. The film crew, @zabination and @julian_bogner, didn’t have to think twice to get ready for that special underground happening. Moreover three to four calls to a selection of Wilson Global Brand Ambassadors and the set-up was ready.

“There are plenty of tennis nuts out there. This showed me once again that with the right people and the right passion even the greatest projects are possible at short notice”.


We have to wait another 2 days and be patient – the film crew gives everything to bring “People To The Power”.

I am #inlovewithUltraV3


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