The year comes to an end, tennis stars return from their holidays and start the preparation phase. In this time brands wake up and new collections appear. Let’s get ready for #SoleCourtBoost in 2019. 

It’s immediately apparent after trying on this shoe that adidas really put its soul into designing it – with the innovative combination of all-around comfort, lightweight materials, stability and durability, this shoe manages to offer the best of all worlds.

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Why adidas sole court boost?

As I wrote on my last shoe review about the ubersonic 2.0 I switched during the pre season last year  from Roger’s NIKE Vapor to a new adidas model because I had some problems with the hard dumping. For me the adidas ubersonic 2.0 was the perfect tennis shoe – comfortable, stabil and the feeling to be very flat and close to the court was ideal-typical.

“Today it seems that brands focus either on stability or speed.”

For adidas there a two types of players. Those ones who prefer the Barricade for stability and the others who prefer the Ubersonic for speed. For 2019 adidas decided to do a hard cut and the legendary time of the Barricade comes to and end after 11 generations. The SoleCourt Boost is the the new focus model and will be played by the top stars like Alexander Zverev, Dominic Thiem and Stefanos Tsitsipas.

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“Even the first steps on court are convincing. Light but not sluggish. Stable but not heavy. The inner shoe feels very comfortable without loosing control. Ten minutes on court and you know why adidas decided to replace the Barricade with a totally new shoe release SoleCourt Boost.”

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Pick up the pace and step on court. I am #inlovewithtennis, Fabian

Pros using this item in 2019

Alexander Zverev

Foto: Instagram @alexzverev123Apparently we are just friends ??

Stefanos Tsitsipas

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