I walked 10k, stopped four times for a drink and my legs were longing for a thai massage. No, I am not talking about my last 10k cityrun, but rather about my last citywalk through Singapore.

 16,017 steps and 10.8km – the yield of four hours sightseeing in the city of future.

Singapore, Downtown

82% of all Germans wear the wrong shoes – too big, too small or too tight. This is the result of the German Foot Report years ago.

It doesn’t matter, weather you go for a 10k rund or a 10k walk, you should definitely pay attention to the right footwear. It’s worth it.

When I talked to Philipp Pflieger this summer, one of the fastest marathon runners in Germany, I realized this once again.

 “The Ultra Boost 19 is definitely a running shoe but I can’t recommend this shoe for a long distance run. The soft Ultra Boost sole feels comfortable on short distances , but for longer distances you should definitely change to another model – unless you are doing a city walk, when distance doesn’t matter ;).”

adidas Ultra Boost 19, available @Running Warehouse Europe

To be honest, I will never run a marathon or even a half marathon in my life. I am a tennis player. I need lines, a net and definitly a 1:1 competition. But 10k are worthwile for getting fit before the seaoson or for a city walk – preferably in Singapore 😉

my statistic, Nov 4th

After I had already done several short distance runs with my Ultra Boost >> read more , I followed Philipp’s advice and walked  with my the Ultra Boost 19 across Singapore.

Conclusion: Almost 16.000 steps and 10k later, my legs and feet feel “better” than after a walk with flip flops or sneaker.

Top 5 reasons to buy an Ultra Boost 19

  1. the cushioning system is more responsive than the ones in the previous iterations.
  2. the primeknit upper felt comfortable and non-irritating to the skin
  3. The general durability was lauded as it didn’t  break down on people, even after multiple runs.
  4. The versatility of this product with more than 10 colour ways to use it for exercising and urban adventures.
  5. this road companion was versatile enough to be used for activities other than running.

Available at Running Warehouse Europe

I am #inlovewithwithMyUltraBoost19


Coming Soon: Ultra Boost 20 (Preview)

Foto: hypebeast.com
Foto: hypebeast.com

>> Read more about the adidas Ultra Boost 19