As soon as the first month of the new year is over, the New Year resolutions are back in my mind. Of course more healthy food, more exercises and more running. But every project is only as good as its realization 😉

“Snow is no excuse! Let’s run.”

But especially in winter it is not easy to integrate your running sessions spontaneously into everyday life. If you want to run 1-2 times a week, you have to plan this more precisely. While on one day you are surprised by 30cm of fresh snow, on the following days the thaw period starts and puts the side roads under water. Caution: danger of black ice!

“Sport in the cold is healthy, it only depends on your equipment.”


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Five tips for your winter run:

TIP 1: Too cold is (almost) not possible


Even if the personal sensitivities are very different in this point – it becomes health precariously only starting from -15 degrees! As long as this ‘limit value’ is not reached, the body can preheat the inhaled air on its way to the lungs without any problems.

TIP 2: Pay attention to the right running shoes

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To run on mud and snow, you should buy models with a profile suitable for smooth surfaces. What could be more suitable than running shoes with a Continental sole 😉 >> adidas UltraBoost19 Refract

TIP3: Choose your favorite playlist

Without the right playlist, running is not possible for me. Here my current tip: Fun Run 150-165 BPM SPOTIFY . And I analyze my runs with runtastic. It’s worth it.

TIP4: Slow start, slow end

Run loosely and slowly on the first kilometre. Install running exercises such as hops or arm circles to heat up the body. When it’s cold, the rule of thumb is: run warm! After all, your muscles need a little longer to reach operating temperature at this time of year.

“The last four, five minutes you should take the pace out”.

This is good for the regeneration of the muscles and the cardiovascular system, which can slow down in this way.

TIP5: Have fun

No matter how detailed your plans are, no matter how good your running shoes are and maybe you have wasted hours and hours by selecting the right playlist. In the end, it’s important that you have fun and move yourself 😉

Your plan for a 10K run

Your time 10k Minutes per week      Sessions
70 min 60-90 2-3
65 min 60-120 3
60 min 120-160 3
55 min 140-170 3-4
50 min 170-230 4
45 min 200-250 4-5
40 min 240-300 5
35 min 300-390 6


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