We all love and live for this sport. Especially on hot summer days we spend hours and hours on courts, we meet friends to hit some balls, we practice for the next team match or we just have fun at the club by watching tennis.

“We are on a mission with the same passion. We are all #inlovewithtennis.”

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What sets us apart is our passion for the sport. No matter the level, no matter the league and no matter which match is on TV. We love this game. Even though top stars such as Alexander Zverev, Dominic Thiem and Naomi Osaka lost their 1st round matches in Wimbledon, we still follow every match and are up to date via livescorings.

“Our motto: You only live once, but you get to serve twice. Are you a #tennisfluencer?”

Especially on Instagram the world always shows its best side. Famous brand ambassadors become influencers and famous influencers become brand ambassadors. But who really cares about the passion for this sport?

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Everybody of us, who loves and lives for tennis, is a #tennisfluencer. We care for tennis. We are already the largest global tennis community, let’s bring it to life. But how?

“Use hashtags like #tennisfluencer #inlovewithtennis and many more in your next postings on Instagram that you think will bring tennis alive in many other communities.”

Do it like Maggie, Blumi, Marcel, Zeljko, Adi, Alexandra & Co!

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I am #inlovewithTENNIS. Lets influence the world with tennis!



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