Once again it was a very special match – a duel of two generations. “Stan The Man” and NextGen Champion Stefanos Tsitsipas fought on court like real warriors for more than five hours. This is what Roland Garros is all about.

But even long time after the match the you guy from Greek was so full of emotions that he postet some true words on Instagram:

Today I felt something that I can’t really explain. Today was the first time in my entire life, in my twenty years of existence that I felt that “aura”, the real definition of the word, competition. Not any kind of competition though, it felt different than any other time, any other battle, any other moment on the tennis court. There is something about today that I won’t be able to explain.

It’s a feeling that makes me appreciate the sport that I chose to pursue in my life as a career. The bitter taste of that loss is something unexplainable. @stanwawrinka85 makes our sport real and pragmatic. It’s something that’s rare to find in the world that we are at. It’s something unique. There is loads of charm and charisma to it. We both struggled, we both went beyond our limits, we both experienced luck and our destiny was drawn on that Parisian court after five hours of physical and mental suffering. I really don’t know if what I feel right now is positive or negative. There is no bipolar effect to it. Today I learned something that no school, no classroom, no teacher would be able to teach. It’s called, living life!

Once again, I am #inlovewithStefanos and good luck to Stan against Roger 😉


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Foto Instagram
Foto Instagram