The social media world is full of surprises. One of the most positive aspects is definitely the way how you get inspired by other people all over the world. Today I want to introduce Adi Spiegelmann – a internationael fashion model and professional tennisplayer from Israel.

As everybody see on her instagram channel @adi.spiegelmann, she fell in love with tennis and modeling. Her breakthrough was winning the European Championship, in a game whose objective was the promotion of Peace – Israel Versus Iraq .

My entire daily schedule revolves around tennis – which requires me to be committed to extremely high personal discipline – including personal training sessions as well as group training, pilates and yoga classes, workouts in the gym and physical therapy sessions.

But playing tennis is not her daily business at all. Modeling became a important part of her life and Adi was fortunate to work with several leading Fashion photographers, such as Daniel Siboni and Ron Kedmi and led campaigns to various international Brands.

I have made friends throughout the world thought the Tennis competitions. I love to be on court.”

We are #inlovewithAdi

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