While Tino Kovacic is standing regularly on court and works on his improvements, his girlfriend Lana, is feverishly excited during his tournament matches. She is Tino’s biggest fan and wants to share his passion by bringing more style #backonclay.

“I love tennis – why? Because I am in love with the most passionate tennisplayer I know.”

Lana does not play tennis herself, but she loves this sport.

“I search for inspiration everywhere. But if I have to point out a non tennis account I would totally choose @jamienkidd. I Love her style, poses and photos…”

Some weeks ago, Lana had a wish to have a photosession on a tennis court. She wanted to make something different, something “extra” and wanted to bring a little fashion spirit on a tennis court. She searched for ideas on Pinterest and colled a photographer, and here it is:

Get inspired by @lana.lovingspring