The Barricade has arguably been one of the most impactful shoes in tennis in the last two decades. It’s loved by many (like Dominic Thiem, Foto Hasenkopf), but was missing from this year’s adidas line up.

Barricade 2018

 “As we paused the Barricade concept for 2019 and 2020, it will not stop us from bringing innovation and newness to the marketplace.”

Be ready for 2020, as adidas will introduce something completely new and disruptive to the tennis world. The Barricade concept will be completely revamped according to the needs of the new generation of tennis players.

While respecting the original Barricade DNA, adidas  will implement highest level of innovation and new technologies. No launch date planned so far, as we want the new Barricade to be the best ever!

“To be honest, I fully fell in love with the ubersonic 2.0.”

ubersonic 2.0 – after my practice session

For the moment, this shoe is one of the best in the adidas line up. A lightweight shoe that takes another step forward with the introduction of their signature primeknit technology to the line. The lightweight knit bootie molds to your foot and provides a natural fit and feel while at the same time offering support in all directions.

ubersonic 2.0 – before my practice session
ubersonic 2.0 – before my practice session

“Stay tuned and we will see want will be new on the market for 2020.”

I am #inlovewithtUbersonic2.0 – for the moment 😉


Speed Shoes

If you are looking for a light, speedy shoe, the Ubersonic is the way to go. adidas’ flagship lightweight model has no excess weight and retains a low-to-the-ground ride for a quick feel around the court.

Stability/Durability Shoes

Solecourt Boost

If you are looking for a durable, stable option, the SoleCourt Boost is the way to go. Fans of the Barricades will find these shoes to have a similar feel but with a slightly wider fit in the forefoot.