Sneaker – for most of us a tiresome, expensive but also a passionate hobby. While I used to collect stickers for football albums in the past, today I have fallen in love with the search for the most up-to-date, trendiest or even limited sneakers. The real life could be actually so simple:

A pair of shoes for the office, a pair of shoes for the day, a pair of shoes for the suit and of course a pair for sport. A total of four to five shoes for each man.

Not with me. Until today a start writing about sneakers I fell in love with.

Those who are in love with tennis live a different life from the others. We are always on the hunt for the newest and trendiest shoes on court, we are happy about limited editions, but we also don’t neglect to look at the current trends of the fashion scene.

HighSnobiety is one of my favourite blogs when it comes to sneaker launches and inspiration.

If you think you’d have the latest and trendiest shoes in your closet, don’t feel save ­čśë Just click on and the misery begins. (Info: Highsnobiety is a German-based streetwear blog, media brand and production agency launched in 2005. It covers trends and news in fashion, art, music, and culture and is located in Berlin with additional offices in London and New York employing a total of around 100 employees.)

A.R. Trainer – inspired by highsnobiety

With this sneaker adidas is redesigning a tennis shoe from the 80s that was suitable for playing on grass, sand and hard courts. It comes with a classic soft leather upper and a visible EVA insert for optimal cushioning.

This shoe is inspired by a tennis all-rounder from 1988.

I fell in love with my new A.R. Trainer and I am one of the happiest person to bring tennis in the cities, in the streets and to the people who are waiting to be in love with tennis.

I inlovewithThe80s


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