Two days ago, my neighbour rang the doorbell even though I hadn’t expected anything. I was totally surprised that I got a package from Tennis Warehouse.

„Dear Fabian, today we start our new unboxing program and we would love to send you our first package. Create a splash on court and have fun.“

I opened the box with a big smile and was happy to find …

adizero ubersonic 3 + outfit


I know from all the social media postings on Instagram that for us tennis fans the upcoming second part of the year will be colourful. adidas launched this new collection for the US Open series by looking back to the French Riviera in the late 1980s – a combination of sleek silhouettes with flashy neon colours to create a bold and diverse look after the Wimbledon whites, set to be worn on court by leading players including Sascha Zverev and Lucas Pouille.

It looks like the designer know that Lucas Pouille is enjoying his holiday at the pool in St.Tropez after the grass season and needs to come up with some new fresh colours after his recovery 😉


So for me it is the perfect timing for some new apparel and tennis shoes. My team tennis season is almost over and I am looking forward playing my last match in the Bundesliga next Saturday. At my club – MTTC Iphitos Munich – we have exclusive rules regarding the long club tradition: Please play all in white – from head to toe. But until today I didn’t find any rules about the shoes ;)?!

So it is time to „create a splash on court“ bringing some colours back to Iphitos because I am #inlovewithtennis


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