Christmas is over and the lazy days come to an end. Time to set up your New Year’s resolutions. Chances are that you also tried to get a hold on something you have been struggling with for a while such as: start running or lose weight are at the top of every one’s list year after year. But do you start with the same mindset and tools as in your previous attempts? 

The off-mode during Christmas is not only used for the regeneration of your body, but also of your head! He also has to switch off to start the new year with new motivation. So I decided to turn on my relaxing mode – but only for 2 days 😉

My plan: let’s go on the run

But where to run in Berlin? I start my first jogging session in the district Friedenau (close to Tempelhof-Schöneberg). It is centrally located (about three kilometers to the City West) and many small residential streets with their front gardens and numerous street trees as well as the old houses with a comparatively high architectural density have a quiet character.

One day after christmas the streets are empty. The best condition when you are on the run through the city to explore some unknown places. 

Nobody feels like spending some time outside in the cold rain. The cold season is not mine. Of course, the winter also has its beautiful sides and you can literally make it cozy and sweeten. But that brings one danger: fall into the lazy mode! 

Off-season during XMAS – chilling to rule.

Admittedly, it is not always easy in winter to avoid the great appeal of the sofa. Make an appointment for running or running through empty streets on public holidays help create liability and makes even more fun.

Test results Kinvara 10

The shoe is announced to weight 7.5oz with a 4mm drop (23mm heel-19mm forefoot), which so far makes it a splendid candidate for 5K, 10K, and track races or practices. On my run through the streets of Berlin this shoe felt very comfortable from the first step. But I need to get used to the light weight.

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The Saucony Kinvara 10 is a lightweight running shoe designed for everyday runs, fast workouts, and everything in between. I enjoyed all my runs in the Kinvara 10. The shoe transitions through my stride well and feels stable in the heel. I like it very much. For me it seems to be the perfect shoe for beginners, those who run not 1-2 times per week or looking for a well designed and comfortable fitness shoe.

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The Kinvara 10 looks pretty good especially the red sole. If you are looking for a lightweight shoe to speed up your 5k run or to feel comfortable at the gym: GO FOR IT!”

To celebrate a decade of lightweight innovation, Saucony is offering a limited-edition Kinvara 10 featuring the shoe’s original iconic design and colorways (white, black, red).

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Other items on my run

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