4am in the morning, the alarm clock rings. Why so early? I don’t want to miss a match from Melbourne. The passion for the Australian Open – the first Grand Slam tournament of the year – is as always huge, but the tiredness often puts a spoke in our wheel.

Get up at 4am in the morning, watching the Australian Open – this is “In Love With Tennis”.

But how to get up every day so early? Here are five tips on how to get up early for the Australian Open:

Tip 1: Putting the alarm far away from the bed

The oldest tip, but extremely effective: If the alarm clock rings on the other side of the room, you have to get up to turn it off. So you’re up before you can change your mind. Let him ring through permanently.

Tip 2: You Snooze – You Lose.

THAT is really a modern problem! I can also spend a hour in the morning pressing the snooze button every 10 minutes. Realize that you are wasting hours of your life! You spend it nodding and waking again and again.

Tip 3: Always get up at the same time!

The rhythm is crucial: Always stay at the same times for going to bed and getting up. >> Get More Infos about This Shoe “adidas Ultra Boost Refract

Tip 4: Avoid caffeine – drink water

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Coffee or tea may look like an ideal solution at the time, but you might get a temporary kick and then the next day a bad crash. Instead, drink plenty of water and start your day right. So you can get into the aisles faster in the morning and can compensate the undersupply with a single glass of warm water.

Tip 5: Help, I overslept!

The biggest danger: Switch off the alarm clock – and go back to sleep because an uninteresting match is on air. NO, get up in any case, make yourself a cup of water and start your “Australian Open morning routine.”

So, I wish you all the best for the next days.

We are all #inlovewithAussieOpen